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Time saving services

Time is money. Checking in your luggage on departure takes quite some time. We are happy to help out and check in your luggage for you.

We will pick-up your luggage at your accommodation or the fairground and checking it in at your airlines counter.

Important for you to know: All our designated staff possesses security clearance according to § 29 Luftverkehrsschutzgesetz (Air traffic law)

You will get your voucher of receipt for the checked-in luggage via mail on your mobile or you can pick up the original hard copy in our office at the airport.

This way you can spend more time on profitable business making at the fairground.

Price example:

1 piece of luggage delivered from the fairground to the airport, including drop-off and check-in at your particular airline costs 19,00 EUR (VAT included). To find out more click here. Back


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